About Us

What is Zinker?

Zinker is a high performance, industrial grade, zinc-rich coating, intended for the prevention of corrosion of steel structures and surfaces. It provides a type of cathodic protection, commonly referred to as cold galvanizing, of the highest quality.

It was developed for application at very low temperatures, down to -30˚C. This is a unique feature!

Who makes Zinker?

SPC Corrosion Protection was founded in 2009 by research chemists specializing in the field of metal corrosion protection.

The Company is developing dynamically, mainly due to the introduction of innovative technologies in its developments.

The formula is marketed in Europe by Zinker LLC.

The manufacturer SPC Corrosion Protection distributes the formula under two names, Galvanol, for the European market, and ZINKER, for the American market.

Zinker Canada inc.

Who we are ?

A team of professionals

A project in the factory or in the construction represents a heavy responsibility for the managers who must face many parameters, in particular, the safety & the environment, the quality of the achievements, the costs, etc ... Zinker Canada Inc. is made up of a team of professionals, able to support managers in their projects, by offering them solutions allowing them to achieve their objectives while respecting their delivery deadlines.

Word from the President

One of the major problems that arises in different industries is to keep steel structures and other metal equipment in good condition, as well as to optimally protect them against corrosion.

With our experience in the oil industry and building mechanics sectors, we searched for the best cathodic protection solution for steels and ferrous metals, and we finally introduced Zinker products on the American continent by creating Zinker Canada Inc.

We are proud today to be able to offer our customers a variety of competitive, very high performance solutions for buildings, factories and for industrial infrastructure of all kinds.

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Mission Statement

Zinker Canada’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest quality “cathodic protection” type anticorrosion solution.

This solution will allow our customers to be able to offer exceptional workmanship in the repair, maintenance or manufacture of steel products, while respecting their production deadlines.