Our product line ZINKER rust prevention

Zinker provides protection for up to 15 years in the most aggressive environments, category C5 and up to 25 years in corrosion category C4 environments.

protection of galvanized products

According to the tests already carried out, Zinker coating is in no way inferior to hot-dip galvanizing in terms of protective ability, moreover, with the help of our technology , any thickness can be applied.

The protection period of galvanized products, depends on the thickness of the zinc coating; thus, our technology even has a certain advantage – in aggressive environments you can set a greater thickness and extend the life of your steel.The coating binds to the steel, thanks to the special polymer and thanks to the quality pure zinc used in Zinker’s high performance formula. The effect will also be the result of the good preparation of the surfaces and thanks to the resulting galvanic pair Zn-Fe

cathodic protection of metal

Zinker is intended for the anti-corrosion protection of surfaces of industrial equipment and metal constructions inside buildings and outside, in the open air.

The same performance is obtained when the steel surface preparation conditions and when the work flow are both observed.


  • Protection of steel by cathodic effect.
  • 96% pure zinc in the dry layer.
  • Made from 99.995% pure zinc
  • Active and passive anti-corrosion protection.
  • Formula tested in the laboratory, at more than 1400 hours, according to ISO 12944-5: 2018.
  • Certified corrosion category C4 very strong, C5 strong.
  • Meets ASTM B 117
  • It has the property of inter-layer diffusion.
  • Retains the self-preservation and self-repair function of the treated surface, for a life of 15 years to 25 years.
  • Can be used in temperatures below zero, down to -30 ° C.
  • It has superior protective properties and high adhesion to metal surfaces.
  • Unique liquid ready to use. No product mixing required.
  • Very short drying time.
  • No need to apply an undercoat (primer) to allow the paint to adhere to the surface.
  • It uses a special high quality polymer which gives unlimited pot life.
  • Noble gray color.
  • Zinker is compatible with 99% of soluble organic topcoats.
  • Zinker is compatible with polyurethane, urethane-acrylic, acrylic, epoxy resin, vinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber and alkyl coatings.
  • Zinker can be used as a primer for powder paints.
  • Zinker coating is elastic, resistant to vibration, shock and abrasion.